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Page of Fame

    This page is dedicated to our customers that have achieved any form of improvement, honor score or other notable accomplishment in their bowling game. The only requirement for being listed on this page is that your equipment must have been purchased and drilled in our pro shop. Make sure to see a member of our staff to have your picture taken and to get your achievement announced here.

   Parks Bailey - 3/25/06
   Parks Bailey - Parks, or “Pizza” as he would rather be called, had an awesome day on March 25. Bowling in the Bantams league, 8 year old “Pizza” rolled games of 150, 160 and 114 for a real nice set of 424. This is outstanding considering his average is only 96. Mr. Pizza has been bowling for three years already and he hasn’t graduated to having his own ball yet, so games like this using a house ball is unbelievable !!!! Parks is a fairly active young man, enjoying soccer, football, basketball, baseball, Boy Scouts and playing video games. He enjoys spending time with his parents either going to the movies or eating at Red Robins. “Pizza” has 2 sisters & 1 brother and his ideal vacation would be to go to Disneyworld. Most people don’t know that he loves to sing and be part of the drama club as part of his church. How does he possibly find time for all these activities and bowl?????

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   Billy Orr - 3/10/06
   Billy is proving his aspirations to go pro one day may just happen. If we could put a bed in a corner of the pro shop, he would just move in with us, he loves bowling that much. On March 10, 2006, 11 year old Billy, with an average of 125, shot scores of a 139, 154 and 190. Now that is some pretty good bowling. Billy recently has been experimenting with using a finger tip release and it is proving to be the way to go for him. He was using a Turbo and a Scout. Billy also enjoys paint ball, football, in line skating & skateboarding. His favorite subject in school is science. He says he likes the hands-on invention sections and chemistry the best. Billy recently teamed up with Chuck Gardner in the adult/youth New Years Eve tourney and they took first place. Maybe these 2 will bowl the PBA doubles in years to come !!!!

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   Mason Lenox - 3/10/06
   Mason was on a hot streak at Strikers in Rock Hill, SC. This is Mason’s first time bowling in league. He is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at West Minister Elememtary. Using his Tropical Storm and averaging 72, Mason shot scores of 99, 93 & 132. Cool deal !!!!! Needless to say, Mason was pretty excited, as we all were for him. What a great kid this one is !!!! Mason spends his summers in NY with his dad where he enjoys taking boat trips. He also enjoys biking and air shoft guns. His favorite subject in school is history. Now that is different. Keep practicing Mason and we will see your picture here many more times.

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   Ryan Byers - 3/10/06
   Ryan is 10 years old and in the 4th grade at Lewisville Elementary School. He lives in Edgemore, SC and bowls on Saturday mornings at Strikers. This is Ryan’s second year in league and he is steadily making progress with his scores. On Saturday, March 10, using his White Dot, Ryan shot an amazing 153 game, on his 90 average. That was an incredible 63 pins over his average. Way to go Ryan !!!! In addition to bowling Ryan enjoys numerous other activities including baseball, running, basketball, snow tubing, skateboarding and playing video games. His favorite subject in school is math !!!! Keep up the good work Ryan !!!

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